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Update History

2017.8.31 Group of Pathological Analysis temporally closed for application due to overwhelming number of applications. We will re-open application in October or later.
2017.8.3 FY2017 Outcome Presentation is scheduled as follows:
Date: Wednesday, January 24, 2018 — Thursday January 25, 2018
Venue: Biwako Hotel (Otsu, Shiga prefecture)
We will open for application in October.
Please read here for the 2016 report on the outcome presentation
2017.8.18 Report on “FY2017 General Meeting of Advanced Animal Model Support Platform” was added to the Event Information.
2017.7.27 We are open for application of second “Group for Animal Model Construction” support. Fewer applicants will be accepted in the second selection.
2017.718 Report on “The second annual meeting of The Japanese Society for Genome Editing (organized by Japanese Society of Genome Editing)” was added to the Past Event Information.
2017.7.18 We have finished accepting applications for FY2017 Technical Training Course for the youth.